A big part of the reason the Collette family moved to Todd Mission in 2006 was to have a piece of Texas where they could enjoy shooting sports.

A combat veteran Marine brother and friend wanted to start teaching firearms classes here because all of the ranges in southeast Texas want 50% of revenue generated by these classes.  Bear Arms of Texas (Jason Clarke) and I were on common ground once again and construction began….
When Jason told me about the Veterans 3-Gun Team looking for an economical place to practice and shoot…they are a post-traumatic stress support, veteran suicide prevention organization which are two issues Patty and I are very committed to.  We decided to make some improvements to our facilities to accommodate the team and Renaissance Shooting Club was born!
We are a private shooting club, members and their guests only, except when we’re having an event.
As of today, 1/29/2017, construction is nearing completion of 15 lanes of 100 yard rifle and 8 lanes of 25 yard pistol, with an ammo and accessories store, and adequate parking.
We’ll then start construction on the first 5 of what will be at least 12 tactical shooting bays for 3-gun competition and tactical shooting training.
Visit our membership page to join today or give us a call to come see what we’re doing!